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In The Studio with MJ – Dublin 17-19th October 2016

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dublin-october-18th-018On 17th October I went along to the In The Studio Seminar with MJ hosted by Brad Sundberg.  I had been to one of his seminars before so walking in I had an idea of what I was to expect. Although hoping that it wouldn’t be a repeat of the last Seminar that I went to.

The first night was in the Grand Social Bar.  This was in a function room of the bar and a lovely venue so perfect for this occasion. There was a small group of fans and the setting was very intimate and personal. Sadly the noise in the place was awful and it was very hard to hear what Brad was saying. But thats Ireland for you people do like to talk in bars here and its where many go and chat with friends then maybe drink too much etc.  Very common for that to happen in Ireland.

Anyway the first night was called VIP Remix it was a session where Brad explained about the techniques of songs how they are made and put together then he was showing us how it is done. This was very interesting especially for someone like me who has an interest in music recording.

Then the next two nights where in Liffey Trust Studios. This was much better although further away from the City Centre.  It was short notice so I guess this was the best they could do and it worked for this occasion.

On these two nights It was Seminar Parts 1 & 2. Both broken down into a discussion about the albums Bad, Dangerous and History. Also a discussion on Neverland which was truly amazing and inspiring.

The albums were discussed in depth. With emphases on the recording process which was a long process that took many months to complete.  It was also early mornings and nights. For the most part working on the songs was a challenge.  All done to ensure each album was made to perfection. Of course getting perfection can be tough but in the end getting the right sound was important on the songs.  It took Michael two hours to get his vocals ready each day when he was doing a vocal sessions.

I must say that Brad was an excellent host.  He really brought us into the studio and made us realise what is was like to work there.  I felt like I was there with him. His knowledge of working in the studio was amazing and very in depth. He seemed to really enjoy his job.

When the seminar ended I felt that I knew more about Michael Jackson than I did before. Brad shared many things with us that were personal to him and to Michael. Those things can be revealed if you go to any of his seminars.  I would say that when they do come to your city go and just be entertained and emerge yourself in the music world.  You will be amazed and even if you are not a fan I think it will amaze you too.


World Music Awards 2006 Experience

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Myself and my friend arrived in London early then the first thing we decided to do was get our After Party tickets. Michael was due to attend as a special guest.

We travelled from the airport to Earls Court we decided to go and collect the After Party tickets from the fan club which was called Michael Jackson News Online (MJNO) before they were sold out.

This experience turned out to be hectic and then ended up being confused as to the information that was given.

We grabbed a taxi and got to the hotel to meet with the members of the fan club so that we could get our tickets to the After party. But when we got there we were faced with some very cold expressions and told they weren’t being sold from there. We hopped into another taxi and went to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre we met some fans there who were informed that they were now being sold in No.1 Leicester Square.

We rushed there but to be told no tickets were sold there and they didn’t know anyone named Paul. We went passed the venue and there were signs on the doors saying the event was cancelled and to go to the fan club page for more information.

We still hadn’t checked into our hotel at this stage and we were running around carrying our luggage. We decided to go to and internet cafe and we checked out MJNO we were then told that the event was still on but they were looking for a new venue very strange.

We got to our hotel then and checked in we freshened up for the Awards Show and went down there at 4pm before we had a bite to eat. Then we made our way  to the venue and we queued up for our tickets. It took a while to get them then we had to go into a queue for the standing area.

We were in that queue for 4 hours eventually we were let in. Once the doors opened everyone ran in even though we were told not to. Although at this stage we just got annoyed at the staff from the venue. They were so ignorant towards the fans and they were laughing at us.

We got inside anyway and got our spot near the stage 4 or 5 rows from it although fans were pushing to get to the front even though nothing had happened at this stage. The anticipation of seeing Michael Jackson on stage was really high.

Although the behaviour from some fans was crazy. The show was good and many awards was given out. Plus there were a lot of other celebrities including Beyonce and Chris Brown.

But the main highlight was when Michael was presented his Diamond Award for sales of over 100 million albums to a cheering crowd. He then came out when the choir was singing We Are The World. It seemed like he just decided at the last-minute to join in.Although the press slammed Michael saying he didn’t sing very well.

Also the cast of ‘Thriller Live’ performed at the World Music Awards as part of a tribute to Michael. The press had been reporting that Michael Jackson was due to perform, and that he would recreate his legendary ‘Thriller’ video live on stage. This was NEVER the case. The facts are that it was the cast of ‘Thriller Live’ who would be recreating the infamous video on stage with US R&B star, Chris Brown – a very talented dancer, and huge fan of Michael Jackson. After the show, Michael met the cast of ‘Thriller Live’, and thanked the dancers one by one, some of whom were in tears. Michael also thanked Producer, Adrian Grant, and Director, Kerys Nathan, for the wonderful performance.
I know everyone was cheering at him as he sang the first few lines then he greeted fans took a few banners from then he threw out his very expensive Robert Cavalli jacket to the audience he looked so happy.
Although the jacket that he threw out was ripped to shreds by fans because they all wanted a piece of it aw bless them. At this stage it was crazy to see people behave in such a way for a piece of that jacket.
Some pieces were sole on Ebay afterwards.

HE WAS NOT BOOED AS THE PRESS MADE OUT. WE BOOED AT LINDSAY LOHAN AND another celebrity. THE PRESS WONT SAY THAT. I have to say it was great seeing him he
looked very happy to see his fans and the After Party never happened it was cancelled no real explanation as to why in the end Michael Jackson couldn’t attend it so it wasn’t worth having it. Although later the fan club said it was something to do with security. But at least they could have explained it on the day and not have us running around for tickets.

Also this turned out to be the last time I would see Michael Jackson on stage.

Byy the way you might even spot me in this you tube footage from the show 🙂

Santa Maria Trial

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This is Cook Street where the Courthouse was
I was in Santa Maria on April 2005 to showing my support for Michael Jackson. I flew out from Dublin Airport at 12pm and I got a taxi to the Best Value Inn on Main Street. This is where I was staying for my trip and I heard so many things about it.

The owners of the hotel were lovely and were Michael Jackson fans too. Once I got there I wanted to see where the court house was as I seen it so many times on TV.

Anyway my friend showed me where the courthouse was. There was no court on Wednesday and Michael was at Jonnie Cochran’s funeral. My friend left and I met another fan she was from Maryland and the two of us met up every day and followed the trial in the courthouse and on TV.

There was a lottery system to gain access to inside the courtroom and view as a member of the public.  I really wanted to go inside and experience what was actually happening for myself.  But for the system people had to gather outside the courthouse before 6am.  We had left the hotel at 5.30am the next morning and proceeded to begin the 10 minute walk to the courthouse. When just had arrived when the lottery was about to take place I got a ticket from the guard.  At the courthouse security was tight and there were many fans there also queuing to go inside.  One of the requirements to gain access to the court house is to have Photo Identification. Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten mine and I was really hoping I would get inside. My number was called out and I went in behind the gate I queued up and was worried about my photo identification. But I got inside and I told the guard that my photo ID was in the hotel and it would only take me 10 minutes to go back for it but he wouldn’t take it and I sadly I had to go back outside. The same thing happened to my friend we were both embarrassed and upset at what happened because we both wanted to get inside.

The security presence outside Santa Maria Court
We went back to our hotel and collected our cameras to take photos of when Michael arrived. We got back to the courthouse and waited for the people to arrive at the courthouse but this morning it was raining although I got a good view of Michael, his family, Tom Meserau and the legal team and took many photos.  At this point I held up my Irish flag too showing my support as he was going in and I was hoping that he seen it. The weather was starting to get worse so we left the courthouse and we went back to out hotel and decided to return when he came out.

We got talking to another fan as we were walking away and she kindly gave us a lift to the hotel. We then went to our rooms and looked on the various news stations about the latest on the case. It was interesting to see both sides and the media bias that was going on.

Michael Jackson, his mum Katherine and the legal team leaving the Santa Maria Courthouse
We knew from the news reports that today would only be a short one in court. The day brightened up a little and we went back to the court house at about lunch time as we predicted that they would be leaving about that time.

We waited for Michael and I was at the front barriers I had a great view of Michael when he came out. But there were some reporters were around us and I didn’t like that there was too much of them. Eventually Michael Jackson came out and I took a lot of photos I ran over to where his car comes out and took even more photos.

My ticket from the lottery which gained me access to inside the courthouse
Next day we got up again at 5.30am and left at 6.10am we both had our IDs this time we queued up again and got our tickets my number was called I was then behind the barriers with some other fans we had to queue up at the door to get inside. This time I had my passport with me and it was accepted they took down my details and gave me a yellow sticker with my seat number on it was no 42 a girl told me it was a good seat.  The security inside the court house was also tight especially when carrying personal items . The guy said it was ok for me to bring my bag in with me. As we walked inside we had to go outside again and come back at 7.30am. This was when the jury and judge were to arrive.  While I was waiting I got a coffee and soon enough it was time go to inside we were all going through the metal detector and this time I was told by security that I wasn’t allowed to bring my bag in with me and I was told to go out and so I went out and gave it to another fan who was outside. I got back inside as soon as possible because I didn’t want to miss anything. I got my seat and yes it was a good one it was on the aisle that Michael Jackson walks in on. It was near 8.30am Katherine came in and said good morning to everyone then I seen cameras flash and Michael came in it was great to see him up so close again.

Anyway on that day the French cook was in and he was not a good witness and that other ex-worker Adrian McManus was there also both were very bad witnesses for the prosecution. The day ended early at 11.30 because they had no more witnesses. Anyway after the court we got something to eat and went back to the hotel in Santa Maria there isn’t much to do here unless you have a car.

I couldn’t wait until Monday came to go into court again. I got up early again and went to the court for the lottery and today my ticket was the first to get called how lucky was that. June Chandler was on the stand that day she is very pretty looking I went out just before the last break to get my camera and take photos of Michael as he left.

Michael Jackson leaving the courthouse in his SUV
Michael Jackson waving at me from his SUV
Fans running after Michael Jackson’s SUV outside Neverland
Fans gathering around the gates of Neverland after Michael Jsckson arrived.
As it finished my friend came out and said that another fan was going to offer us a lift to Neverland so we went over the other side of the street we wait for Michael to come out cause we couldn’t see the fans car anyway I was talking photos and Michael waved at me I couldnt believe ie WOW. We found the fan and got into her car she drove very fast to Neverland we even went by Michaels car at one point. We got to Neverland in time to see Michael arrive all the fans gathered at the gate we waved and smiled at Michael and some ran after his car then held onto his hand.

About 30 minutes later Tito came out a fan wanted him to sign his guitar and ran after his car lucky he stopped I walked over to Titos car and got to meet him and took a few photos of him.

The next day we went to the courthouse again and queued up as usual on but I thought I wasnt getting in as there were only 47 outside the court and 45 get in as the numbers were being called out I didnt think I would get in but my ticket was the last to be pulled out. Yes my number was called out and couldnt believe it I was really lucky to get in to the court this time.

On this day Jay Jackson was on the stand he didn’t have anything bad to say about Michael Jackson so it was a good idea for the prosecution to put him up there. The next day I was due to leave and I didn’t want to go but I had to I plan to return again in June. I was worried when I went over there first but after being in the court I seen that the witnesses are not very good Tom Meserau is very good at cross examining and really gets to them. But Tom Sneddon is not so good and this was noticed.

Also this time fans waited close to the corridor where Michael walked by to get to the offices to discuss the trial.  He seen the fans and waved to us which was really nice.  Some TV reporters shouted at us saying we were a bunch of kids.

I seen a lot of those TV reporters in the court room including Roger Friedman, Diane Diamond, Steve Corbet, and Randy J. Taraborelli. Robert Friedman wasnt nice he shouted at the fans when we were waiting for Michael to come out of the court room because you are not allowed to speak to him inside and when he was going to the loo he had to go by the fans and he said get out of the way you bunch of kids)

While there I also met BJ he was a fan who was very well known at the time and always shouted the loudest for Michael and was well known for supporting him at the time. He was outside the courthouse every day.

My LA Experience

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This is me at the gates of Neverland in 2003

I got up at 7am and got ready for my lift to Neverland it was leaving at 8am so I didn’t want to be late. It was a very long journey with lovely scenery all around us. We got there at about 10 or 11am and I couldn’t believe we were there the front main gates were a tiny wooden fence I always imagined them to be bigger. The area is very remote and so quiet that it was hard to believe that Michael Jackson lived there. Anyway we got out of the car and started taking photos of the area and mingling with other fans. I was really enjoying myself. Some were playing Michael’s music in there cars and blaring out for us all to hear it was a great atmosphere. At one stage I waanted to use the toilet and there’s no facilities there at all its very far away from anywhere. So myself and a fan I had met there decided we would ask in the school that is across from Neverland if they minded us using there toilets so we went down and we asked a very kind lady if we could use there toilets she said it was ok   Later on the guy who gave us the lift was going to get something to eat so I went along with him and got some nachos out of Taco Bell which were very nice and seeing as Michael goes there I wanted to see what the food was like in there LOL. Anyway we came back and there was a party atmosphere going on everyone was dancing and singing to Michael’s music.

At the fence with the security hut behind be

Then all of a sudden we seen a blue golf cart come down the drive way I waved at it and some other fans went crazy and after that happened the cart went off. About 10 minutes after that the security guard Violet came out and said to the group of fans standing at the car I was at that if they didn’t keep the noise down that would be the last car in. We all laughed and thought she was joking but then she said you’re all allowed in so I ran to the car I got the lift to Neverland in. I just couldn’t believe it at this stage and I kept saying oh my god many times and I can’t believe it. Then we had to surrender our cameras and we gave them to the security guard at the gate one of the guys in the car rang his mum to tell her there he was going in. Then we drove down the lane and parked the car I queued up with all of the other fans and still I couldn’t believe it. I was shaking with excitement. There was some beautiful music playing as we waited for them to check the number of fans there and I noticed one of the songs was Danny Boy. After that we were let in but before we got passed the HUGE gold gates we had to sign an agreement. Then I got on the little red train and were left off at the Amusement park. I still couldn’t believe it that this stage. I ran to the ride with the swings and so did everyone else the fans shouted for it to go round a second time and after that I was a bit queasy. I then sat down and looked at the view around me and was amazed at it all. I then went to the theater and I got some ice cream there I couldn’t believe everything was FREE!!! I even went to the toilet there and also wrote a message for Michael on a red napkin and I noticed some fans started to do the same. I looked at some of the displays Michael had in glass and one I touched had a Pinocchio doll in it and he opened his eyes and then a fairy had a wand and the light came on it and there was even an Michael Jackson doll doing the moonwalk LOL.

Road leading passed Neverland showing how remote it is

Security guards wouldn’t let us into the theater some fans got in but they were ran out again, don’t know why it was a pity that we couldn’t go in. I went out again and went on the spider ride otherwise known as ‘the puke bucket’, well it surely lived up to its name and I didn’t feel too well after that one. When I got off I went over to another area and found out that there were dodgems there but they weren’t working there was even a basketball court I also seen loads of bus shelters there? Does MJ have a bus going around Neverland? Don’t know but I thought it was funny to see them there. He also had topiary  in the shape of teddy bears, mushrooms and an elephant with a shower head LOL.It’s obvious that he had a sense of humour.

I went over a small wooden bridge I kind of felt it was forbidden as the lights didn’t go too far on it but sure enough security came along and told us to get off it. I went back again to the theater as I wanted to use the ladies they were very nice with gold taps, wall paper with pink flowers and plush green carpet but one thing I will never forget was the fragrance in the room it went on my tissue paper but its since disappeared from it. Soon after that we had to leave I didn’t want to go but security told us to go on the train. I felt sad leaving and in the few hours I spent there I felt like a child again. Especially at that moment when I had to leave.

Lovely trees at the Neverland Ranch

The train transported us back to the gold gates again and on my way back could see the giving tree and Michael’s house. I went into the little house sort of like a waiting room the TV was on and I started to mess with it but the station went off I was in a panic but luckily I got it back LOL. I took a few soft drinks that I could bring back home with me as a souvenir. It wasn’t long before we were told to leave and I went back to the car I got the lift in we waited for the 3 other fans to get in the car and off we went. It was hard to believe even then and as I write this that I was there it seems like a dream.

Security Hut where we left our cameras before going inside passed these gates

Anyway the next day was the fan party and I was part of the flag presentation at the start carrying the Irish flag. I had to go to the basement of the hotel to collect my red jacket and put my name on a pin. I went to rehearsals for the event and they didn’t go too smoothly the people who were organising it didn’t have a clue as to the way we had to go in and they wanted us to rehearse again but we didn’t do that it seemed like utter chaos and the leader of the Michael Jackson Fan Club club wasn’t even there. When I came back they told us to queue up at the main door to get our tickets checked and to go back out again. Got to the back entrance and they were taking photos of the flags and soon after a very long wait we went in the back stage and went on with the flags no one was too sure as to how we were to go in but I followed the guy in front of me I am not too sure how it looked on TV but it seemed a bit unorganised to me. I seen Michel in the balcony then WHOO!!!

Anyway I went back out with the flag left it backstage and went back out to get to the seats again. I don’t think I missed much Steve Harvey was on but no one was interested in him I was constantly taking photos. Anyway towards the end of the show Michael came on stage and I tried to get up to the front and luckily I did. I was so close to him and no one was in front of me at one stage he took a girl up on stage and I was so close to him then that going to touch his knee then but I didn’t I thought security would get me do that.

Because it was Michaels birthday they presented him with a 9ft cake and he cut a bit and threw it out to the crowd then he went back and started to shake hands with the fans and I took the opportunity and shook his hand too. I said to him that I loved him and he said I love you back. And then it was all over but I was so glad that I got to touch him at last after all the years I’ve followed him and never got a glimpse of him and finally I got to meet him. I am still in awe over my trip to Neverland and meeting MJ it still seems like a dream now.

I am so glad I went to LA I don’t care now about all the money I spent it was all worth it. I was talking to a fan in Neverland who was there last year and she said “you will have to come back next year to see what its like during the day time”. I did go back again but that was in 2005 during the trial and the last time I returned was last June 2014. I did the helicopter ride but its all changed now and looks much different to what I remember. I count myself lucky that it seen it in the glory days. Michael truly lived in a place of happiness and joy. I’m glad that he shared it with us that night. I will never forget it.

Here is some photos from the fan day

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My New York Experience

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I woke up at 5am on Valentines Day 14th February and couldn’t believe that I would be seeing Michael today. I was so excited I got up and had a shower put on my MJ t-shirt made sure I had my banner and book (that I had made for him, which had messages from all his Irish fans) with me.

First I went to a coffee shop for some breakfast then went into Macys and seen all the expensive bags, clothes etc. I went to Jekyll & Hyde’s Café (which I had been to before and highly recommend) It was great fun first there is an elevator where the ceiling comes down and you think you are going to get squashed. Then after that terrifying experience I went into the bar and just sat down for some drinks. Someone was having a birthday party there and a bat came on screen to sing Happy Birthday to her. Then I saw Frankenstein coming to life also skeletons started talking in the corner and Dr. Jekyll started talking to it was so funny he even started blowing kisses at me. They played “Someone’s Watching Me” by Rockwell & MJ and some Edgar Allan Poe Films were on show also. Anyway my time there had soon ended so I headed off to Central Park.

There I saw Kids skating round an ice rink which was excellent and fun to watch. Along the way I had seen some magazines from the Seminar Center. I grabbed a hand full and put them into my bag. Soon it was time to go to the MJNI Hard Rock Café party.

I paid a visit to Carnegie Hall first to see if there were any fans outside no sign of any there so off I went to the Hard Rock Café there were fans waiting outside and there I met fans from all over the globe Spain, Germany, USA etc. We waited outside for the rest of the fans to come but it seemed as if there was only a small amount of people so we went in and to our surprise there were LOADS of fans inside MJ music was going on and his videos were shown I liked this party.

We got to Carnegie Hall and there were loads of fans there we even bumped into some that we had met earlier at the Hard Rock Café. Camera crews were around in droves interviewing fans and making footage for some news shows. One girl had a Valentines Card for everyone to sign it looked HUGE Michael wasn’t going to miss that one. We all showed our banners talked about Michael etc.

Then a limo pulled up and I thought it might be Michael but we were fooled it was Mother Love

I didn’t know who she was but all the young American girls were all over her. I then went into the hall still expecting Michael to appear I had heard that he was already there and some fans had seen him. But more excitement was to come as everyone was waiting for the gates to open, when all of a sudden he appeared behind a wall, and fans went NUTS!!!

I couldn’t see him because I was at the bottom of the stairs, but some saw him… shortly after the gates were opened, and everyone got into our seats. It was a lovely theatre a lot smaller than Royal

Albert Hall but a very intimate setting. I got chatting to some fans in front of me. Finally the event started by this woman called Tubman who came on stage and started talking… She made a moving speech about the Rabbi, Michael and children. It was wonderful!

Then the Rabbi came on stage, and spoke about children, and then went on to talk about Michael…

Finally he said “Ladies and Gentlemen… Michael Jackson”

Michael came on stage, and hysteria broke out!!! Fans were screaming, waving banners, and just going insane!!! I was waving my book to him but I was too far for him to reach it. Finally Michael was able to talk and made the most moving speech of the evening…The two things I remember most clearly is this…

He spoke about how the world changed and about “Who would’ve thought the sound of children playing jump rope would be replaced by the sound of firearms” Nobody was able to avoid crying… The panel – especially Mother Love – was crying, the audience was crying, and Michael was crying.. I was sobbing uncontrollably over what he said.

Then he went over and spoke about dates, and said “Schmuley keeps trying to set me up” and the whole thing about dates went into the most hysterical thing of the evening… Funny, I mean!!! He was like “Okay, as long as it’s not a reporter”.

It was really amazing…. Then when he left fans started to run up to the stage again I got nearer this time and I tried giving him my book I kept saying to him “Please Michael”. He left the Hall then and the whole place was very quiet no one (where I was sitting anyway) seemed interested in the next speaker everyone was wondering where did Michael go? Was he sitting up behind us in the balcony and would he appear again? Rabbi Botech said that Michael would come on stage later.

Everybody spoke about moving subjects and it was all VERY interesting… I’d have to say my favourite speaker was Mother Love (After Michael – of course).

After the event Michael came back out to thank everyone, and hysteria broke out again… A hundred fans or so stormed up to the stage, and went nuts!!! The crowd was really crazy this time and still I didn’t get to give him the book. Michael went right backstage this time without picking up anything, like he did first time we was out… eventually I gave it (the book) to one of his guards…

Later I went out of the Hall and I chatted to some fans there had left then all of a sudden a big huge crowd gathered outside the Russian Tea Rooms (a restaurant nearby).

People were screaming which was for Michael of course as he came out of the restaurant. The fans were slightly scary at this point and two girls got into his van because as the crowd pushed them along so there was no other way out. I kept waving at Michael in the van I couldn’t see him but I was hoping he seen me. I was talking to fans after and one guy had a great chat with Michael about some tape he gave him. As we chatted about 20 minutes or so later the van came back this time the Rabbi came out and there were children in it don’t know if Michael was there but we decided to give Michael is privacy at that stage.

I went back to the Hall and I talked to a few fans who were still hanging around and one had even met him his perfume was all over her and I got a sniff it was nice. I then I decided to go back to the hotel.

I got up the next morning and checked the Internet for any news on the event I also posted a report on a fan forum.  I went to a coffee shop for breakfast again I was thinking about the night before and for me it was like a dream. I went around to Carnegie Hall then and asked them about the posters that fans had got about the show. They told me to go to the Seminar Centre that they may have some there. So I went there and I was surprised at how small the centre was and thinking that Michael probably was in there from time to time promoting the initiative. I asked them about the posters but one girl didn’t know what I was talking about first then she gave us free copies of a magazine called Michael! Which was brilliant.

All I can say is… It is all a dream to me now I can’t believe I was there… It was amazing…

Michael Jackson Day 10 event in London

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This was another trip which was amazing and I still remember that time.  When I got back from this trip and was just back to normal although I was on a high for many days after.

On Tuesday 6th March I went over to London by plane. When I got there it took me a while to get to the hostel and I nearly got lost on the way. Anyhow eventually I checked into the hostel and I was off on my way to the Lanesborough Hotel. Because I knew Michael Jackson was staying there.

Michael had just left before I arrived and I decided to wait until his return from Oxford. There were a lot of fans there. I waited 7 hours in the pouring rain then rumors spread that he was staying with Uri Geller. So I left then but found out the next day he arrived at 2am (missed him again).

The next day I went to the hotel and there we waited 4 or 5 hours for Michael. There was a car outside the hotel (Chrysler) I thought it was Michael’s but it went off later three Chrysler’s came and sometime later MICHAEL!!!!!!! Once he came out! God the place went WILD I never seen anything like this before and everyone ran after his car (but I only caught a slight glimpse of him this time).

I went back to the hostel then still reeling with the experience. All I’d seen was the back of his head which was enough for me LOL. I was able to get a lie down and something to eat before the bit party later on that day. At about 4 pm I went to the Apollo Theater in London.  This was the event for the MJ Day event it was brilliant. There were performers outside and they were EXCELLENT eventually I got my ticket sorted out and went into the show once the screen came on the place erupted with screams etc it was just like being at a concert.

My favourite performances from the night were:

Remember The Time

Who’s Loving you (the guy sounded just like young MJ)

Will You Be There (done to a ballet routine excellent)

Heal The World which ended the night. Michael came on between Will You Be There & Heal The World once the
announcer said his name everyone was on there feet screaming then Michael hobbled on stage with his crutches.
The minute he said “mmm” this place just erupted with everyone screaming and pushing up to the stage and fans throwing presents for Michael.

He was on stage for about 10 to 15 minutes which was the best moment of my life just seeing him there made me go WILD!!!!!.  Adrian Grant gave Michael some jewellery and a plaque which recognised the many years that the MJ Day had been going for. After he left loads of people ran out but we waited until the finale. We went out of the theatre still reliving our

I must thank all the fans I met that time for there great spirit during that long wait in the rain outside the Lanesborough Hotel.

Here is a video of that event

Got to Be Michael Tribute Show

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I went to the Got to Be There Michael tribute show on 13th May in Belfast.  The Show as on in the Belfast Cabaret Supper Club.  I attended the show with two other Michael Jackson fans.  We had a great night enjoying the show and the pre-show meal that we had before the show started..  The tribute artist is called Anthony Edwards.  The look of the artist is very important. He was very good and was a similar height to Michael with the sunglasses on you would think that it was actually the man himself.   He interacted with the audience a lot and although we were sitting at tables we felt that we were a part of the show.  Which made us enjoy it even more.  Some audience members were asked on stage to dance a long to Blame it On the Boogie where the artist showed them the moves that they were to make.  It was really fun watching them participate. The atmosphere of the show was excellent.

The set list for the night was

Wanna Be Starting Something

Another Part of Me

Human Nature

I Want You Back


Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

Off The Wall

Blame It On The Boogie

Rock with You

Smooth Criminal

Billie Jean

Heal the World


Beat It

Black of White

Hold My Hand

Man in the Mirror

We enjoyed the night and also it was great to meet them man himself afterwards and get photos taken.20150513_210510[1] 20150513_231608[1] 20150513_214556[1] 20150513_223835[1]